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Empower Your Educators With 1:1

"All of those sessions and conversations in the past about the future of education technology? Those are over. The tools and techniques are here. It's no longer about whether or not to use them."
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It's about how best to use them."- Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director, Tech & Learning Magazine, August 2013

Message from our CEO:

Kevin’s right. One to one mobile learning is now, and Troxell is here to help K12 districts accelerate and plan their 1:1 solutions.
Look at the amazing K12 figures published in recent magazines:

• More than 80% of schools have deployed a test deployment of iPads
• Over 3,000 schools are using Chromebooks
• Over 3,000 schools are using Google Apps for EDU
• Over 30,000 educational apps are in iTunes already

The new Core Curriculum is being implemented and some testing is already happening in New York and Kentucky. Common Core compliance requires all the elements of 1:1 working together: devices, peripherals, device management, content and learning management, content filtering, wireless infrastructure and more.

What is your 1:1 strategy and timeline? We can help now.

Troxell can be an invaluable partner to you with our 1:1 Learning Suite of products. It is the most complete offering available on the market today, with solutions for each element of your 1:1 solution. And we are the largest field sales-backed reseller with over 65 local agents providing Lightspeed Systems and other 1:1 solutions.

One to one is truly a revolution in learning and teaching. Troxell’s integrated solutions can help empower your district and your teachers faster.

We look forward to helping you select each element of your 1:1 solution.

Points of Contact
-Call your local Troxell Account Executive at
800-578-8858 for a meeting and consultation.
- Or call our in-house expert, Bob Berry, at 800-352-7912 ext. 4000
- Or email us for an appointment: gomobile@trox.com
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Top 8 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Mobile Strategy

1. What are your plans for 1:1 for the district?
2. Is your wireless infrastructure ready for the possible impact of more devices?
3. How do you intend to manage the devices across the district? Has your district considered an MDM solution?
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4. Does the district already use or plan to use Google Apps for Education?
5. Does your district already use a web-based learning model?
6. Is there a preferred learning management system the district will use?
7. How does the district intend to fund a 1:1 implementation? Phases?
8. Is there a timeline for 1:1 implementation?
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TROXELL 1:1 Learning Suite™

Troxell 1:1 Learning Suite has the full 1:1 solution at the right price, for every element of mobile learning. As your district innovates with mobile learning, Troxell can be an invaluable partner.
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Our full 1:1 product offering coupled with our 65+ field sales account managers nationwide provides you with outstanding K12 experience, trust and low pricing.

• Troxell’s offering includes the industry leaders: Samsung Google Chromebooks, Lightspeed Systems for LMS, Samsung School for LMS and Device Management.
In addition Troxell also offers Google Chrome Management Console, AVer and Balt for mobile peripherals and excellent partners for trusted leasing and configuration services.

• Troxell is the only fieldsales-backed, nationwide reseller for Lightspeed Systems. A key advantage of partnering with Troxell is your local field sales account manager. No other company can provide the kind of 1:1 support we do locally.

Another key advantage to Troxell is instant access: all of these branded, proven solutions are under one roof and one point of contact.

Because of Troxell’s size, we offer you the best price options for your mobile learning solution. Whether you buy, lease, or bundle, we would like you to consult Troxell first.

It is difficult to implement one element of mobile learning without all the other elements. The full picture of 1 to 1 requires all the elements working together, and that takes planning and the right reseller. This is true whether you already have a partial deployment or you are just getting started.

Innovate Your 1:1 Solution Faster
with Troxell.

Call your local Troxell account executive at: 800-578-8858 -Bob Berry, VP 1:1 Business Development and Tom Pavlick, VP Sales & Marketing, Troxell Communications
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